Cloud-based VoIP and CCTV integration is a perfect match

We live in a world where integration is constantly being pursued. Apple became famous for integrating all of its products so whatever Apple device you use is seamlessly integrated with any other Apple device. This is seen as a great advantage to the products, as we all want things to work together wherever possible.

Smart TVs and smart systems that integrate every computerised device in the home or workplace are no longer pipe dreams but are being deployed by millions today. Another very good example of this is the integration of CCTV cameras with other points of security access as security is a typical area where devices aligned in synchrony can lead to a safer security solution.

As one CCTV expert puts it “Many companies previously used to have numerous different systems to cover different purposes. This included separate systems for CCTV, access control, barriers and gates along with signing in & out. However, it’s now a much more frequent occurrence to make everything more open and interoperable.’’

The result is that systems have been devised that when integrated with access control systems means that CCTV footage can easily be viewed synonymously with the user access data derived from door entry systems. The huge advantage to this is that security employees only need to know a single interface to view multiple systems and they can more expediently gather information. Staff costs are reduced too as a result of less time spent reviewing footage.

Cloud-based VoIP and CCTV integration

Similarly, because the systems are both computer-based, the entire telecoms system of a company or institution utilising CCTV cameras can be synchronised and integrated with VoIP, so that their intercom phones and mobiles can view the footage of the CCTV cameras simultaneously and remotely.

Schools could greatly benefit telecom is very proud of the extensive work we have done for schools and educational institutions and many have experienced simple and seamless migration from an older phone system to VoIP, whether cloud-based or on-premises. As a result, they now enjoy the benefits of using mobile softphones, advanced conferencing capabilities, robust remote location connectivity, and other VoIP and UC features that boost school communications.

This is a typical example of where CCTV integration could be of great benefit too and if door phones, telephone systems and CCTV were all controlled by one system it would be yet another step toward the desired result of total integration of all systems and devices.

One system – one supplier CCTV installs CCTV for all Business & Residential clients across the UK and telecom gives our customers the benefit of having one supplier who provides pro-active account management and support for all your telephone, IT and mobile services, just like an extension of your own business.

We are here to listen advise and deploy the best solution for you, and we do believe that Cloud-based VoIP and CCTV integration is a perfect match – and one step closer to a single perfectly synchronised system! Contact us for a no-obligation consultation for all your telecommunications needs, and remember your business makes our business, and we love our business!