Hosted PBX Systems

Why Ucall SIP?

Ucall SIP is a business hosted telephone system designed for use by small and medium businesses who need flexible and cost effective communications at a fraction of the cost of a business telephone system, thanks to hosted VoIP technology.


Whereas typically even a small telephone system can cost thousands of pounds, the only capital expenditure with Ucall SIP is the cost of the phones, and occasion a Power-over-Ethernet switch, with a small remote project management &
configuration fee.

The initial equipment and engineering cost compared with a telephone system is a reduction of 64%.

Hosted PBX Systems



Your business telephone system needs be both cost effective and flexible. With Ucall’s Hosted PBX, SIP Telephone System, you can scale handsets up or down as you need them. With voicemail, call forwarding and free site to site calls all included, it is ideal for start ups, growing businesses and multiple locations.


Best of all, it’s less than half the cost of many other systems.


  • Low set up costs up to 70% cheaper than a normal phone system

  • Hosted phone systems are extremely flexible and easy to manage

  • Incoming calls can be routed to any location with a hosted PBX handset

  • All extensions on the system can call each other free of charge - regardless of geographic location.

  • Hosted phone system extensions can be at different sites but act as one single system

  • Fantastic range of business features

  • Hosted PBX systems are self-install systems - very easy for users to connect by themselves

  • Increase or decrease the number of extensions as required