With a Marketing Degree from Aston University and 2 College Diplomas in Business; it’s fair to say he’s spent enough time in Academia to have a strong opinion on the matter. When he’s not busy being an outspoken ENTJ personality type, you can find Simon: writing political articles, advocating pro-life, and binge-watching the latest SCI-FI TV show.

Meet The Team

 Laurel is our resident customer service adviser. With a degree in multimedia from Nottingham Trent University, she likes to be creative and has taken on the task of teaching herself to sew. With her advanced knowledge about PC's and hardware she never struggles to solve any issues that occur. 

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Samantha Cartwright

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As our female director she leads from the front in terms of a taking a hands-on-approach to ensure she knows the situation of every client personally. With over 20 years of experience, Sam has a knack for keeping things simple and straight to the point. A dog lover this extravert loves going for walks with her 5 dogs (Nancy, Sinatra, Jasper, Marty and George).


Laurel Plain-Jones

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Nathan McLaughlin

A football fan with a heart of blue, Nathan is a lifelong supporter of Birmingham City Football Club. An Anorak when it comes to Whiskey, specifically Lagavulin Scotch. In other words, he drinks it neat and prefers the more straight-forward things in life. A man of the outdoors, Nathan is in his element when it comes to camping in the British countryside. 


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Gemma Tedstone

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A married mum of one, she has pleasures for the sweeter things in life: chocolate, cake and Crème Brulee. Not one to lack confidence, Gemma often raves about her homemade Lasagna, but we must agree she really is the Cuisine Queen. If she could, she’d spent her life on a cruise ship with a book.

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This extroverted mother of three is the bubbliest member of the team, who always has a story to tell. Her ability to balance raising children, having a successful career and maintaining an active social life often leaves us all in envy. Contrary to what her surname suggests, she’s a midlands lass with an uncanny knack for knowing the location of the best watering holes.

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Charley McCormack

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This exuberant 19-year-old prioritizes family above all else; while she’s a selfless soul in the real world, she lets out her flaky side in the virtual one with a real love for The Sims. A self-confessed foodie with consistent taste-buds, in the evenings you can often find her in the local Harvester.

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Jamie North

Our head of engineering, Jamie is a introvert person but with a passion for the culinary arts; for better or worse he’s always willing to share his experiments with the office. His interest in technology outside of the office, has benefited Ucall with being a problem solver as our internal knowledgeable technophile.

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As our fitness fanatic, Sarah regularly and passionately supports charity runs from competing herself to sponsoring others. Her favorite charity is ‘Mind: the mental health charity’. When she’s not running, she enjoys yoga and swears by the long-term benefits of a rejuvenated life. A healthy mind and body means a healthy spirit.

Sarah Snowdon

Nicole Le Resche

Simon Trevor Clarke