How Microsoft office 365, Teams and SharePoint can streamline your business

Already a world-renowned and extensively used product, Microsoft’s Office 365 has in many ways revolutionised the way we operate in business. Since Covid-19 we have become a far more virtually based business community for obvious reasons, and two features of the paid Office 365 package are Teams and SharePoint. 

Both of these are available as stand-alone products, but when integrated as a part of the whole Office 365 experience they can truly streamline your operations in today’s virtual business environment.

About Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based business IT service which replaces some or all of your existing IT, like your email and file servers. It can be accessed on a whole range of devices: PCs, Macs, Windows tablets, iPads, and smartphones (including iPhones). Office 365 has numerous benefits but suffice to say the features it provides can reduce costs, increase agility and drive revenue. 

One of its primary features is that it gives you not previously available capabilities like online video conferencing and file sharing. This is where Teams and SharePoint come in, so what are their individual capabilities?


Teams gives you the ability to be highly organised and have conversations all in one place. This is very useful for “internal” collaboration where employees work in different locations.

Some of the benefits are that you can: create teams (or channels) for projects, functions, and file types,  and chat (or message) with members of each team. You can share screens and hold meetings; use both Audio and video conferencing; manage tasks, projects, and workloads and all can be done integrating with other business systems.

A primary benefit though is that you can share and store documents and files and create a document library via SharePoint – so what can SharePoint do?


SharePoint enables collaboration of workflow, secure sharing and content management. Utilising workflow applications, it can list databases, and other web parts and enables excellent, secure document sharing, content collaboration, intranet capabilities and of course search functionality. 

It is, in essence, a large file storage tool and perfect for businesses with employees that need to collaborate online instead of by phone. Once again as part of Office 365, it integrates easily with other Microsoft Office tools like spreadsheets, presentations and Word documents – and it is a vitally important supportive function of Microsoft Teams.

It is pretty clear how Microsoft office 365, Teams and SharePoint can streamline your business, and because they are all in the cloud and backed up and encrypted by Microsoft, this is not only a streamlined collaboration but a highly secure one! – we provide!

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