Professional Audio Branding

At Ucall our business calls and lines will provide your business with high-quality internal and external communications.

Auto Attendant

With Auto-Attendant you can direct your caller to the correct department first time round.

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Ensure your callers are transferred to who they’d like to speak to

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Save staff time that would be spent transferring calls to the right department

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Provide seamless professional caller experience


Music On Hold

Music On Hold (Lets advertise your business whilst your callers are on hold)

With our on Hold Marketing our team of professional voice actors produce messages worth listening to. You choose your messaging, ( we can help with this) we record it and upload it to your system.

Out of Hours Messaging

When you are unable to answer your calls, play automated messages to let them know you are away from your phone, when you will be back and alternative methods they can use.