Seven successful ways to get the best business broadband

In this month of romance, we are all reminded that communication is the key to successful relationships, and we are only too aware that communication is also the key to the relationships you have with your valued clients. 

Communications that are slowed down or even interrupted therefore can be highly detrimental to your client liaisons, so as providers of broadband services we thought it may be useful to advise on something important.

Seven successful ways to get the best business (or home-based) broadband

  1. Do speed testing – It’s all about speed and as we are only too aware broadband speeds can slow and fluctuate. Is yours up to par? You can test it best by conducting regular tests over a few days. This can be done simply by typing ‘broadband speed test’ to google and many options are given – or speak to us for assistance.
  2. Communicate with your ISP – If you suspect there is a problem with your connection then communication with your ISP should help as they can assist you to fix the problem. Once you’ve established your connection is okay, there are a few other things you can do to improve Broadband efficacy….  
  3. Rethink your router – A new and improved router could greatly assist with streamlined broadband performance! If you are unable to get Wi-fi in your area we can provide you with 4 or 5g routers with speeds for 4g up to 90mbps and 5g 200mbps.
  4. Examine electrical devices – Once you have upgraded to a new and improve router, be aware that certain electrical devices like TVs monitors and speakers, power cords and various lighting like fairy lights, halogen lamps and dimmer switches can all be problematic. So keep your router away from these, raised somewhere and permanently switched on.
  5. Better your browser – Check that the browser you are using is the latest and best available to you, as not only is this better security but it can greatly enhance broadband performance.
  6. Protect your broadband – Anyone can log onto your broadband if your router is not password protected. The simple way to check this is when logging onto an available wireless network, if your network is secure it should show a picture of a padlock next to it. If it doesn’t, then create an effective and secure password. If you’re not sure how to do this, then speak to us. 
  7. Consult the experts the broadband specialists – Through our great partnerships with the leading communication wholesale companies, Telecom can provide you with the best possible connection speeds at the best possible prices. From fast to ultra-fast, please contact us today to see what product would best suit your needs. We have three available business broadband services. These are ‘Single Order Generic Ethernet Access’ (SoGEA) – (An Ethernet cable is a computer networking cable giving you a faster, more reliable connection), ‘Fibre to the premises’ (FTTP) – (a pure fibre connection from the exchange, into your business) and ‘a leased line’ which is a dedicated, fixed-bandwidth data connection.

Visit our Broadband services page to find out more about these and talk to our consultants to ensure that whatever you decide upon you will be getting the best business broadband in 2022!

Keep safe – and keep communicating!