BT to switch off ISDN network in 2025

To minimise the effects these changes will make on your current telephony, upgrade to a SIP solution before it's too late.

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What does the end of ISDN mean for your business?

In May 2015 BT announced that by 2025 they intend to have all customers migrated to an IP network before switch off their legacy ISDN network, replacing them with a single IP core network. But what does that mean for the businesses that depend on the 3.2 million ISDN channels still being used in the UK?

The alternativeVoice over IP (VoIP) The use of SIP Trunks to deliver VoIP is now the recognised alternative to traditional ISDN and PSTN lines, offering a great opportunity for businesses to unlock a number of key benefits including cost savings, mobility, scalability and more functionality. In a VoIP solution, your traditional ISDN or PSTN lines – which form the expensive ‘line rental’ part of your phone bill – are replaced with SIP trunks; allowing the concurrent running of voice and data over your internet connection.

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